Long time no see! Finally created a GRAPHICS COLLECTION PAGE!!! It only has my stuff for now but eventually I want to add all the stamps, blinkies and so forth that I've collected over the internet!

Another minor update; gave the splash a temporary look where I may build more on! Maybe. I haven't decided what I want to do yet....

HI!!! nothing new at the moment, just small update to the 3D gallery-- I have included temporary nav buttons until I inevitably recode the gallery page.

MERRY HOLO-DAYS!! Finally made a 3D gallery page!! Been updating the buttons in the links page as well, if you haven't seen it, totally check the folks out! Def the last update for the year until I have a better cushion for my chair and I'm not wiped from retail. HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!!!

Got a status cafe acc! Turned the "what the...?" Section into a status section. Don't worry, it's still clickable :P

Yo this month sucks actually lol. Y'know what doesn't? MY NEW SNAZZY LOGO!!! Also rebuilt the gallery so theres a working lightbox WITH some neat captions ;9

HAPPEH SEPTEMBER!! Updated the About page to contain not only groovy music-- but also pixel icons of my sonas!!


Link'd up a resource page~!

Guestbook added + links page updated!! Don't forget to sign it ;3

Project page is added-- thus my main buttons are finally linked to something! A new project added in there too-- though I only added the splash page... for now >:}

ADDED THE GALLERY PAGE FINALLY!!! Only have the 2D page working with only this year-- but it's better than nothing lol

Intergrated iframe coding into both the main + updates container. This homepage now feels mad sleeker TToTT
Also added the links page, though it's very barebones right at this time.

About page is finally added in! Will link socials through there in the next couple of days!! :D

Home page officially finished!! Other pages are nonexistant atm but will be added relatively soon!! ♥